- Thursday 17 August 2017

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and it is one of the largest cities in Latin America. This vibrant city, that especially comes alive at night, is located on the southern shore of the Rio de la Plata River, on the south-eastern coast of the South American continent. Read more...

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Buenos-Aires Activities

All South American countries get emotional when it comes to football and when it comes to world leaders Argentina, Football is GOD. The football season mainly runs from February to November when the local champions face each other for a tough fight with the Argentines cheering their favorite club.
Fitness and Lifestyle
Buenos Aires is home to some good gyms, spas and wellness institutes that offer excellent facilities for well being of both mind and body. The equipment is modern and the services offered are top notch comparable to international standards. Some of the institutes even offer classes on yoga and Pilates.