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Sometimes, the city of Buenos Aires is referred as the “Paris of South America” as the city has a strong influence of European culture. When it comes to art, the city has plenty of museums showcasing the history, fine arts, modern arts, decorative arts, popular arts, sacred art, arts and crafts, theatre and popular music, as well as the preserved homes of noted art collectors, writers, composers and artists. Numerous sculptures by famous sculptors like Auguste Rodin and Antoine Bourdelle can be watched in the city. The subjects vary from the subtle brushstrokes to the act of provocation representing the art circuit of portenos.

  • Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA):

The permanent collection owned by Eduardo Constantini i.e. the Costantini Fundation is open to public since 1990. This private, non-profit Constantini foundation decided to establish MALBA to collect, conserve, study and disseminate Latin American art, dating from the early 20th Century to the present day. Today, MALBA offers art works produced in Latin America during the 20th Century. The collection of over two hundred and seventy works is contributed by Argentinean and Latin American artists. Works displayed in the museum expose the similarities as well as the differences between the artists. The venue also hosts some workshops, children activities and temporary exhibitions.

Address: Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Buenos Aires, C1425CLA, Argentina.

Tel.: +54 11 4808 6500, +54 11 4808 6511, +54 11 4808 6513

  • Planetario Galileo Galilei:

Located in Palermo’s busy and popular park district, this wonderful museum was built in 1966. This outstanding planet-shaped building of the museum featuring a 65-feet-wide cupola is one of the finest places in the city. Inside it, using a powerful laser system, outer space is recreated in its entire splendor with great details. There are samples of meteorites and several models depicting the history of space exploration.

Address: Av. Sarmiento y Figueroa Alcorta (Palermo), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel.: +54 11 4771 9393, +54 11 4771 6629

  • Museo Participativo de Ciencias:

Located inside of the Centro Cultural de Recoleta and adjacent to the Recoleta Cemetery, Museo Participativo de Ciencias features two floors full of science displays. Here children can actually touch, play and see how electricity, gravity, and many other things work. There are various rooms like communication room; wave and sound room, mechanical room, with various interactive stands. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the wonders invented by science.

Address: Junin 1930, Recoleta, Inside of the Centro Cultural de Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel.: +54 11 4807 3260, +54 11 4807 3456

Website: MPC

  • Museo Historico Nacional:

Once a summer home of the famous Italian Lezama family, this historic Museum has nice garden and a huge porch adorned with old canoes. The old well of it is still used for water. This is one of the most important and oldest museums in the country and has 33 rooms and three galleries. The museum offers dozens of items, arranged chronologically, which describe the history of Argentina

Address: Calle Defensa 1600, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 1143, Argentina.

Tel.: +54 11 4307 4457, +54 11 4307 3157

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes:

The National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) is devoted to Argentine art. Located in Libertador Avenue, it contains one of the most important art collections in Latin America. The painter and art critic Eduardo Schiaffino was the first director of the MNBA. The museum shifted to its present location in 1933. The museum displays the world's largest collection of Argentine sculptures and paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries and contains a library specializing in art. Watch the notable pieces by some of the most important 20th century Argentine artists that include Renoir, Monet, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, and van Gogh, as well as a surprisingly extensive collection of Picasso drawings.

Address: Av. Del Libertador 1473, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel.: +54 11 5288 9900

Fax: +54 11 5288 9900

Website: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

  • Museo de los Ninos Abasto:

Aimed at children from 3 to 12 years old, Museo de los Ninos Abasto is the first thematic and interactive museum in Buenos Aires. The main purpose of the museum is edutainment i.e. learn while you play and have fun. The activities and the environment of the museum, both are designed to bring out child's creativity with new learning techniques. Simultaneously, the kids will have a lot fun in the process. A large variety of competitions, drawing, painting and ceramics exhibitions by children can be watched at the venue.

Address: Avenida Corrientes 3247, nivel 2, patio de comidas, Buenos Aires 1193 Argentina

Tel.: +54 11 4861 2325

One can find about 129 museums in the city, both private and public. Some museums are administered by the Culture Secretariat of the City Government that preserves an important heritage of the city. Some famous museums in the city of Buenos Aires are listed below.

Museum of Puppets
Address: Piedras 905, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4802 4785
Historic Museum of Waxworks
Address: Dr. E. del Valle Iberlucea 1261, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4301 1497, +54 11 4303 0563
Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac FernAndez Blanco
Address: Suipacha 1422, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4327 0272, +54 11 4327 0228
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Address: Av. San Juan 350, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4361 1121
Museo de Artes Plasticas Eduardo Sivori
Address: Av. Infanta Isabel 555, frente al puente del Rosedal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4774 9452, +54 11 4772 5628
Museo de Esculturas Luis Perlotti
Address: Pujol 644, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4431 2825, +54 11 4433 3396
Museo de la Ciudad
Address: Alsina 412, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4343 2123, +54 11 4331 9855
Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken
Address: Defensa 1220, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4361 2462
Museo de Arte Popular Jose HernAndez
Address: Av. del Libertador 2373, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4802 7294, +54 11 4803 2384
Museo Historico Cornelio de Saavedra
Address: Crisologo Larralde 6309, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4572 0746, +54 11 4574 1328
Museo Casa Carlos Gardel
Address: Jean Jaures 735, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4964 2015, +54 11 4964 2071
Museum of Spanish Art 'Enrique Larreta'
Address: Av. Juramento 2291 (C1428DNK), Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4784 4040, +54 11 4783 2640
Museum of Fine Arts of La Boca 'Quinquela Martín'
Address: Pedro de Mendoza 1835, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4301 1080
National Museum of Fine Arts
Address: Av. del Libertador 1473, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4803 8817
Museum 'Evita'
Address: Lafinur 2988 Neighborhood: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4807 9433, +54 11 4804 3168
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia
Address: Av. Angel Gallardo 490, Caballito, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel.: +54 11 4982 1154