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As Buenos Aires is the largest city and capital of Argentina, it hosts plenty of events, festivals and concerts all round the year. This interesting and intriguing city is a venue for some of the best international fairs that attract millions of tourists.

  • January:
  • Cancha de Boca Stadium Action:

Cancha De Boca is one of the popular soccer stadiums in the world. Built in 1940, this horseshoe-shaped stadium gets packed with Argentine football season action with Club Boca Juniors.

Tel.: +54 11 4372 3612

  • Argentine Crafts & Traditions Fair:

The place opposite to the cattle market becomes the venue for Argentine Crafts & Traditions Fair on every Sunday and bank holidays. The fair is popular for free dance, music and craft workshops and stands offering silver, wood textiles and other goods.

Tel.: +54 11 4323 9684

  • Tango Festival:

Tango music was born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Today, a variety of Tango styles can be enjoyed that developed in different regions of Argentina and Uruguay as well as in other locations around the world. At the end of February and early march, Buenos Aires celebrates the annual Tango Festival. Attended by plenty of performers every year, it features some free shows and concerts also.

  • March:
  • Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival:

Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival is a worth visiting event that is organized annually in the month of March every year. Jazz lovers gather at the ND Aneneo cultural space where the event takes place. This festival offers some of the greatest musicians of Latin America.

  • April:
  • Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films:

Since April 1999, the Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires is organizing this event annually. It is an international festival of independent films (BAFICI) where some of the famous directors from all over the world come here to display their masterpieces. Also, the organizers provide platform for new directors to showcase their talent. The films are screened at several cinema halls throughout the city. It also arranges competitions under various categories.

Tel.: +54 11 4328 3454, +54 11 4326 3806

  • Buenos Aires Book Fair:

Every year, in the months of April & May, the most awaited Buenos Aires Book Fair is a long standing event which runs for over three weeks. More than a million book lovers visit this fair at the La Rural Exhibition Complex. It also features workshops on scriptwriting, lectures on history of Argentine art by leading professors and lecturers, activities for children and adults and many more.

Contact: Fundacion El Libro - Hipolito, Yrigoyen 1628, 5. Piso - C1089AAF Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel.: +54 11 4370 0600

Fax: +54 11 4370 0607

Website: Buenos Aires Book Fair

  • May:
  • Feria de Galerias de Arte:

Every May, the Feria de Galerias de Arte is organized at the Predio Ferial de Palermo. Also famous as ARTE BA, it offers the works of Argentine painters, sculptors, graphics experts, photographers and videographers.

Tel.: +54 11 4372 9401

Website: ARTE BA

  • Military Parade:

In year 1999, a military parade commemorating the 189th anniversary of the Revolucion de Mayo (May Revolution) was arranged after a 10-year absence. It has now become an annual event that features an amazing parade of soldiers.

  • July:
  • International Video-Dance Festival:

Started in 1995 by Silvina Szperling, the International Video-Dance Festival provides the stage for many Latin American video-dance artists and offers a chance to learn more about diverse dance videos. It takes place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta and the Biblioteca Nacional. In addition to main programme, it features seminars, workshops and lectures relating to the video-dance.

Address: Junin 1930; Calle Aguero 2502, Buenos Aires 1113 Argentina

Tel.: +54 11 4811 3117

Website: International Video-Dance Festival

  • La Rural International Exhibition:

Agriculture and livestock are the key features of Argentinean industries and economy. The La Rural International exhibition provides information about the current international agricultural market conditions and the role that Argentina plays within it. The cattle competitions are arranged in the country yard throughout the day.

Tel.: +54 11 4372 3612

  • September:
  • Vinos y Bodegas Wine Exhibition:

The wine exhibition offers an opportunity to sip and swill the finest wines presented by more than 100 of the country's wineries (bodegas) under one roof. The event takes place at La Rural exhibition centre. The Argentinean Association of Sommeliers organizes 'Vino Express' which features a circuit of stands providing information about specific wine regions, soils and terrains, grape cultivation and tasting techniques.

Address: Juncal 4431, La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel.: +54 11 4777 5500

Fax: +54 11 4777 5576

Website: Expovinos Y Bodegas

  • October:
  • The Maraton de Buenos Aires:

This annual event usually is organized during the Southern Hemisphere's spring. It is participated by thousands of runners from Argentina and all over the world. The path of this marathon goes through some important spots of the city which include Callao Avenue, the River Plate Stadium, Libertador Avenue, Palermo neighbourhood, Corrientes Avenue, Gardel's neighbourhood, La Boca's Caminito, Puerto Madero, Casa Rosada, and the city centre.

  • International Guitar Festival:

Started in 1995, International Guitar Festival of Buenos Aires offers some of the best guitar prodigies every year in October. The festival days are full with classical, flamenco and traditional guitar plays. The festival attracts visitors as well as artists from all over the world. The locals also take interest to watch and enjoy the guitar skills of the guitar players.

Venue: Centro Cultural General San Martin, Centro Nacional de la Musica, Congreso Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • November:
  • Argentine Open Polo Championship:

Late November to early December is the time for the Argentine Open Polo Championship where hundreds of Polo fans flock to the stadium to enjoy this world-class event. The city is a home for some of the famous Polo players and the thrilling game has also become very popular among the locals as well as the tourists.

Venue: Palermo Stadium

Contact: Arevalo 3065 (C1426DJG), Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel.: +54 11 4777 6444

Website: Argentine Open Polo Championship